Step-father's Grandparents: Tilley Beresford Vivian Knight Byrne Fannan Capron Allen Lowe Wallington etc.

My stepfather's paternal grandfather is John "Jack" Tilley (1861-1944, g gf).

His father, in turn, is Llewellyn Tilley (1823-1891, 2xg gf), Confectioner of Dursley Gloucestershire. His parents are John Tilley (1800-1864, 3xg gf), son of William Tilley (unk, 4xg gf) and Mary Wallington (1788-1859, 4xg gm); and Hester Winterbottom Knight (1796-1874, 3xg gm), daughter of Daniel Knight (unk, 4xg gf) and Phebe Jones (unk, 4xg gm) .

The mother of John "Jack" Tilley is Elizabeth Vivian (1828-1890, 2xg gm) of Bedwellty, Monmouthshire. Her parents are John Vivian (unk, 3xg gf); and Mary (unk, 3xg gm).

My stepfather's paternal grandmother is Amelia Beresford (1871-1959, g gm).

Her father, in turn, is John Beresford (1845-1912, 2xg gf), Master Mariner of Middlesbrough, born in the Durham Workhouse to unwed Elizabeth Beresford (3xg gm), daughter of Stephen Barrowfoot or Beresford (1797-1866, 4xg gf) itinerant Coal Miner of Durham, possibly son of Ralph Barrowfoot (unk, 5xg gf) Coal Miner and Ann Gibson (1770-1851, 5xg gm); and (probably) Elizabeth Stevenson (unk, 4xg gm)

The mother of Amelia Beresford is Mary Ann Kennett (1847-1912, 2xg gm). Her parents are William Kennett (1819-1898, 3xg gf), Coast Guard, son of Thomas Kennett (1776-1861, 4xg gf) of Wickhambreux, Kent and Mary (1781-1864, 4xg gm) of Monkton, Kent; and Ann Pratt (1818-1887, 3xg gm) of Budleigh Salterton, Devon, daughter of Joseph Pratt (1789-1858, 4xg gf), Coast Guard, and Ann (1787-1866, 4xg gm).

Thomas Kennett is the son of John Kennett (unk, 5xg gf); and Anne Morgan (unk, 5xg gm), daughter of Thomas Morgan (unk, 6xg gf) and Mary (unk, 6xg gm).

My stepfather's maternal grandfather is Roger Fannon Byrne (1861-1927, g gf), Painter and Decorator. He is probably Roger Fannan born at the Patricroft Workhouse in Eccles to unwed Jane Fannan (unk, 2xg gm), and the Roger Fannan living with the family of Margaret Byrne for the 1871 Census.

My stepfather's maternal grandmother is Matilda Mary Capron (1861-1927, 2xg gm). Her parents are John Bill Capron (1831-1893, 3xg gf) Hat and Cap Maker, son of Thomas Capron (1788-1869, 4xg gf) Hatter, and Sarah (1793-1866, 4xg gm); and Mary Allen (1834-?, 3xg gm) of Harpenden, daughter of Elijah Allen Coal Merchant, and Maria Lowe.

Thomas Capron is the son of John Capron (unk, 5xg gf) and Mary (unk, 5xg gm).

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