Mother's Maternal Grandparents: Blacketer Peterken Thurley Botting Greenfield Miller Whitehead Simpson North Babbage Jarvis etc.

My mother's maternal grandfather is Thomas John "Tom" Blacketer (1880-1953, g gf), Locomotive Engineer, sometime Mayor of Poplar, and election agent of George Lansbury M.P.

His father, in turn, is Joseph Blacketer (1849-1880, 2xg gf), Carman, who died of tuberculosis shortly before Thomas John was born. His parents are Thomas Blacketer (1817-1870, 3xg gf), Shoemaker/Carman, son of Joseph Blacketer (1787-1856, 4xg gf), Chemical worker/Watchmaker/Carman and Elizabeth Botting (1788-1863, 4xg gm); and Martha Greenfield (1820-1873, 3xg gm), daughter of Thomas Greenfield (unk, 4xg gf) and Mary (unk, 4xg gm).

Joseph Blacketer is the son of Thomas Blackiter (1757-1788, 5xg gf), son of Zachariah Blackadore (1730-1774, 6xg gf) and Winnifred Brown (1731-unk, 6xg gm); and Elizabeth Garritt (1764-1826, 5xg gm), daughter of Joseph Garritt (unk, 6xg gf) and Mary (unk, 6xg gm).

Zachariah Blackadore is the son of Robert Blackader (1701-1774, 7xg gf) Gardener of Enfield, Middlesex; and Sarah Field (1702-1770, 7xg gm).

Joseph Garritt is most likely the son of Thomas Garritt (1700-unk, 7xg gf) Shopkeeper, possibly the son of Thomas Garritt (1665-unk, 8xg gf) Tailor of Coggeshall, and Elizabeth Pemberton (1667-unk, 8xg gm); and Mary (unk, 7x g gm).

Thomas Garritt Taylor is the son of John Garritt (unk, 9xg gf); and Ann (unk, 9xg gm).

Elizabeth Pemberton is the daughter of Richard Pemberton (unk, 9xg gf) Baymaker; and Sarah Guyon (unk, 9xg gm), daughter of William Guyon (unk, 10xg gf).

The mother of Thomas John Blacketer is Hannah Thurley (1852-1939, 2xg gm). Her parents are John "Thoroly" Thurley (1808-1854, 3xg gf) of Epping, son of Richard Thurley (unk, 4xg gf) and his wife Mary (unk, 4xg gm); and Rebecca Herbert (1816-1900), born in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, the widow of Loughton, Essex, daughter of Edward Herbert of Stole Hammond (1785-1860, 4xg gf) and Susanna Arnold (1783-1846, 4xg gm).

Edward Herbert is the son of Edward Herbert, senior of Stoke Hammond (unk, 5xg gf) and Christian Fossey (1748-unk, 5xg gm), daughter of Thomas Fossey, also Faussy and Fossee (unk, 6xg gf) and his wife Mary (unk, 6xg gm).

Susanna Arnold is the daughter of Richard Arnold (unk, 5xg gf) and Ann Dell (unk, 5xg gm).

My mother's maternal grandmother is Mary Ann "Madge" Peterken (1879-1979, g gm), "Great Nan".

Her father, in turn, is Octavius Peterken (1848-1924, 2xg gf), Printer and Honorary President of the Salmon's Lane Mission. His parents are Henry James Peterken (1811-1900, 3xg gf), Printer of Poplar, son of Thomas Spencer Peterken (1787-1855, 4xg gf), Master Baker who moved from Portchester, Hampshire to London, and Jane Miller (1789-1879, 4xg gm); and Mary Simpson Whitehead (1809-1895, 3xg gm), daughter to unwed mother Elizabeth Whitehead (unk, 4xg gm) and absent father John Simpson (unk, 4xg gf).

Thomas Spencer Peterken is the son of James Peterkin (unk, 5xg gf), son of John Peterkin (1698-unk, 6xg gf) Soldier, reputedly from Drainie, Moray, and Sarah Ann Pitchland (1704-unk, 6xg gm); and Mary North (unk, 5xg gm), daughter of George North (1717-unk, 6xg gf) and Sarah Spenser (1728-unk, 6xg gm).

The mother of Mary Ann Peterken is Amelia Ann Babbage (1849-1890, 2xg gm), who died so young. Her parents are Thomas Babbage (1822-1891, 3xg gf), Shipwright and Gentleman, son of William Dundridge Babbage (1796-?, 4xg gf), Shipwright of Devonport, and Sarah (unk, 4xg gm); and Martha Jarvis (1825-1874, 3xg gm), daughter of William Jarvis (1791-?, 4xg gf), Hairdresser, and Elizabeth (1794, 4xg gm).

William Dundridge Babbage, Shipwright, is the son of William Babbage (1757-1799, 5xg gf), Hatchelor, the son of John Babbage (1732-1763, 6xg gf) of Chudleigh, and Elizabeth Dundridge (1730-1765, 6xg gm); and Rosamond Gimblett (unk, 5xg gm).

John Babbage is the son of George Babbage (1703-unk, 7xg gf) of Chudleigh, son of Richard Babbidge (unk-1733, 8xg gf) and Sarah (unk, 8xg gm).

Elizabeth Dundridge is the daughter of Robert Dundridge (unk-1758, 7xg gf) of Buckland Monachorum, and Margaret (unk, 7xg gm).

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