Father's Maternal Grandparents: Stroud Parks Neill Fox Higgins Hardman Hatt etc

My father's maternal grandfather is Henry Stroud (1888-1952, g gf) of Barley Hall, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps during the Great War.

His father, in turn, is Robert Stroud (1856-1925, 2xg gf) of Barley Hall, Ilford, Farmer, Brickmaker, Builder. His parents are Henry Stroud (1821-93, 3xg gf), Hairdresser of Middlesex, son of John Stroud (unk, 4xg gf) and Zipporah (unk, 4xg gm); and Ann Neill (1821-?, 3xg gm), daughter of William James Neill (1796-1864, 4xg gf), Dairyman and Cowkeeper, and Ann Fox (1795-1865, 4xg gm).

Ann Fox is the daughter (most likely) of William Fox (unk-1843, 5xg gf), Tailor from Norfolk; and Ann Bunnett (unk-1840, 5xg gm).

The mother of Henry Stroud is Charlotte Norris (1858-1913, 2xg gm), born in Dudley, Shropshire. Her parents are George Norris* (1817-1903, 3xg gf), Agricultural Labourer of Farnham, Surrey, son of George Norris (1794-1868, 4xg gf), Brickmaker of Farnham, and Charlotte (1800-1839, 4xg gm); and Mary Ferrington (1829-?, 3xg gm) born in Codsall, Staffordshire, daughter of William Ferrington (1800-unk, 4xg gf) and Mary Felton (1793-unk, 4xg gm).

William Ferrington is the son of William Ferrington (unk, 5xg gf); and Elizabeth (unk, 5xg gm).

*This is the father of Charlotte Norris name stated on her marriage certificate. Her birth certificate and Mary Ferrington's marriage certificate have George Belldom (1821-unk, 3xg gf), born in Farnham, but living in Staffordshire by the 1850s, son of George Belldom (unk, 4xg gf).

My father's maternal grandmother is Edith Violet Parks (1893-1988, g gm), "Nan-mum".

Her father, in turn, is George William Parks (1870-1944, 2xg gf), Thames Lighterman. His parents are Henry John Parks (1846-1896, 3xg gf), Customs' Officer, son of John Parks (1821-1881, 4xg gf), Pork Butcher of Strood high Street, and Mary Adams (1823-1877, 4xg gm) of Gillingham, Kent; and Phoebe Higgins (1849-?, 3xg gm), daughter of Edward Higgins (1827-unk, 4xg gf) and Maria Tong (1829-1858, 4xg gm).

John Parks (1820-1881) is the son of Henry Parks (1795-unk, 5xg gf) born in Lenham, Kent, Builder in Strood, son of John Parks (1757-1826, 6xg gf), and Catherine Clark (1756-1829, 6xg gm); and Sarah Peckham (unk, 5xg gm).

Mary Adams (1823-1877) is the daughter of John Adams (unk, 5xg gf); and Frances (probably) Haite (unk, 5xg gm) of Gillingham, Kent, daughter of Benjamin Haite (unk, 6xg gf), and Mary (unk, 6xg gm).

Edward Higgins is the son of John Higgins (unk, 5xg gf); and Sarah (unk, 5xg gm) of Cobham, Kent.

John Parks (1757-1826) is the son of Sander Parks (1732-unk, 7xg gf) of Egerton, Kent, son of Henry Parks (1696-unk, 8xg gf) of Headcorn, Kent, and Elizabeth Apps (unk, 8xg gm); and Bennet Coppins (unk, 7xg gm) of Egerton, Kent, daughter of John Coppins (unk, 8xg gf) and Elizabeth (unk, 8xg gm).

Henry Parks (b1696) is the son of Alexander Parkes (unk, 9xg gf) of Egerton, Kent; and Anne Hernden (unk, 9xg gm)

The mother of Edith Violet Parks is Edith Simmonds Hardman (1875-1955, 2xg gm). Her parents are John Hardman (1832-1897, 3xg gf), Mizzen Top Cap'n and Coast Guard, son of William Hardman (1792-1842, 4xg gf), Provision Merchant of Worcester and Elizabeth Willis (1795-1836, 4xg gm); and Amelia Hatt (1842-1926, 3xg gm), daughter of Cyprian Bridge Hatt (1818-1883, 4xg gf), Coast Guard in Norfolk, and Emma "Amy" Ruthen (1816-?, 4xg gm).

William Hardman is the son of James Hardman (unk, 5xg gf); and Mary Symonds (unk, 5xg gm).

Cyprian Bridge Hatt is the son of Thomas Bridge Hatt (1794-unk, 5xg gf), son of Joseph Hatt (1751-1827, 6xg gf) and Mary Bridge (1758-1847, 6xg gm); and Ann Taylor (unk-1828, 5xg gm).

Mary Bridge is the daughter of Cyprian Bridge (1737-1814, 7xg gf), son of Cyprian Bridge (1712-1763, 8xg gf) and Mary Cole (unk, 8xg gm); and Ann Sickleprice (1742-1766, 7xg gm), daughter of Walter Sickleprice (unk, 8xg gf).

Cyprian Bridge is the son of Cyprian Bridge (1690-1726, 9xg gf), son of Cyprian Bridge (1667-1744, 10xg gf) and Sarah Coe (unk, 10xg gm); and Sarah (unk-1730, 9xg gm).

Emma Ruthen is the daughter of John Ruthen (unk-1827, 5xg gf), of Filby, Norfolk and Charlotte Lingwood (1793-1837, 5xg gm), daughter of John Lingwood (unk, 6xg gf) and Hannah Bailey (unk, 6xg gm).

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  1. Hi my grandmother was Ethel Emma Hardman. We often went to tea with the Stoud family. Do make contact. Roland Brown rolandbrown21@gmail.com