Mother's Paternal Grandparents: Green Richards Morehen Bell etc.

My mother's paternal grandfather is Charles Green (1893-1974, g gf).

His father, in turn is Alfred Green (1866-?, 2xg gf). His parents are John Green, Cooper (1826-1912, 3xg gf), son of John William Green of Rickmansworth (1795-1834, 4xg gf), and Elizabeth Plumb (1802-unk, 4xg gm), who went on to remarry James Woodward; and Magdalena Maria Whitehead (1831-1889, 3xg gm), daughter of Robert Whitehead, Hatter (1796-1847, 4xg gf), and his wife Mary Ann (1793-unk, 4xg gm).

His mother is Mary Ann Upton (1868-?, 2xg gm). Her parents are William Upton of Frant, Sussex (1836-unk, 3xg gf), son of Thomas Upton (1809-1878, 4xg gf), and Harriet Sales (unk-1845, 4x g gm); and Mary Ann Hosier, the widow Couchman (1834-unk, 3xg gm), daughter of Simeon William Hosier, Bricklayer of St George in the East (1811-1860, 4xg gf), and Mary Ann Yardley (unk, 4xg gm).

Thomas Upton is the son of  George Upton (unk, 5xg gf); and Mary Hollamby of Speldhurst, Kent (1783-1851, 5xg gm), daughter of  Thomas Hollamby (unk, 6xg gf) and Elizabeth Young (unk, 6xg gm).

Simeon Hosier is the son of Reuben Hosier, Bricklayer (1790-unk, 5xg gf), son of  Abel Hosier of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire (1753-unk, 6xg gf) and Sarah How (unk, 6xg gm); and Lydia Susan Banbury (unk, 6xg gm), daughter of Charles Banbury (unk, 7xg gf).

My mother's paternal grandmother is Grace Elizabeth Richards (1894-1976, g gm), "Great Nan Green"

Her father, in turn, is George Richards (1859-1954, 2xg gf). His parents are William Richards (1834-1894, 3xg gf); and Charlotte Bell (1833-1881, 3xg gm).

The mother of Grace Elizabeth Richards is Elizabeth Ann Morehen (1860-?, 2xg gm). Her parents are James Morehen (1842-?, 3xg gf), son of John Morehen (1800-?, 4xg gf), and Ann (1803-?, 4xg gm); and Mary (1842-?, 3xg gm).

I haven't worked this line much as of July 2013.

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