Father's Paternal Grandparents: Kapadia Young Strong Taylor Hemingway Birkett Halton Hughes Evans Denoon Johnstonetc.

My father's paternal grandfather is Douglas Stuart Kapadia (1889-1965, g gf). He changed his name by Deed Poll to Douglas Stuart in 1922.

His father, in turn, is Ardeshir Rustomji Pestonji Kapadia (1864-1927, 2xg gf), Barrister, trained at Lincoln's Inn, but originally from a Parsee family from Bombay. From this side, all I know is that Ardeshir's father is Rustomji Pestonji Kapadia (unk, 3xg gf), Tea Merchant and Agent from Bombay, who may have died in Shanghai.

The mother of Douglas Stuart Kapadia is Zoe Davina Halton Young (1859-1923, 2xg gm), born Young and apparently adopted by a cousin's family, taking the name Hanrott. Her parents are James Denoon Young (1813-1868, 3xg gf), ironfounder and inventor, from Scotland, son of the Revd. James Young (abt 1780-1853, 4xg gf), born in Falkirk and died in South Leith and Catherine Denoon (1776-1840, 4xg gm) of South Leith,; and Charlotte Taylor (1826-?, 3g gm), from London, daughter of William Taylor (1800-?, 4xg gf), Solicitor of London, and Sarah Halton Birkett (1799-1875, 4xg gm), also of London.

Catherine Denoon is the daughter of Daniel Denoon (unk, 5xg gf), shipmaster of South Leith, and Elizabeth Johnston (unk, 5xg gm).

The Revd. James Young is likely the son of James Young (unk, 5xg gf) and Euphemie Mcraich (1748-unk, 5xg gm), of Torryburn, daughter of William Mcraich (unk, 6xg gf) and Margaret Russel (unk, 6xg gm).

William Taylor is the son of John Taylor (1788-1823, 5xg gf), Straw Hat Manufacturer of Maiden-lane, London, whose wife at his death was named Ann (unk, 5xg gm), possibly, Ball.

Sarah Halton Birkett is the daughter of John Birkett (1782-1846, 5xg gf), Solicitor practicing in London, but from Carlisle, to whom William Taylor was articled; and Charlotte (1779-1861, 5xg gm), possibly, Lloyd.

John Birkett, Solicitor, is the son of John Birkett (unk, 6xg gf), senior, Yeoman of Carlisle; and Sarah Halton (unk, 6xg gm), also from Cumberland, daughter of Jeremiah Halton (1712-unk, 7xg gf), Clockmaker of Dalston, Cumberland, and Jane Rumney (unk, 7xg gm).

My father's paternal grandmother is Emily Strong (1883-1944, g gm) from Bowness, Westmorland.

Her father, in turn, is Robert Strong (1856-?, 2xg gf), Railway Engineer. His parents are Joseph Strong (1808-?, 3xg gf), son of John Strong (1772-1858, 4xg gf), Steam Boat Owner, and Elizabeth Fairs (1778-1812, 4xg gm); and Jane Hughes (1818-?, 3xg gf), daughter of William Hughes (1798-1870, 4xg gf), Bread Baker of Stockton and Middlesbrough, and Sarah Chapman (1791-1850, 4xg gm), the widow Davison.

Elizabeth Fairs is the daughter of William Fairs (1755-1836, 5xg gf); and Elizabeth (unk, 5xg gm).

William Hughes is the son of Ellis Hughes (unk, 5xg gf), Weaver from Denbigh; and Mary Sigsworth (unk, 5xg gm), probably daughter of Burdon Sigsworth (1740-1789, 6xg gf) and Mary Tate (1740-1817, 6xg gm).

Burdon Sigsworth is the son of James Sigsworth (unk, 7xg gf); and Mary Burdon (unk, 7xg gm).

Sarah Chapman is the daughter of John Chapman (1762-1845, 5xg gf), Bread Baker and Gentleman of Hartlepool, possibly son of Edward Chapman (1726-1785, 6xg gf), who moved from Sedgefield to Greatham, Durham, and Sarah Waugh (unk-1765, 6xg gm); and Mary Corpse (1765-1833, 5xg gm), possibly daughter of James Corpse (unk, 6xg gf) and Ann Page (unk, 6xg gm), who married in Billingham, Durham.

Edward Chapman is possibly son of John Chapman (unk, 7xg gf), and Ann Tinkler (unk, 7xg gm), whose children were baptized in Segefield, Durham.

The mother of Emily Strong is Amelia Hemingway (1862-?, 2xg gm). Her parents are Abraham Hemingway (1827-1915, 3xg gf), Railway Engineer, son of Michael Hemingway (1789-1861, 4xg gf), Labourer from Leeds, Yorkshire and Elizabeth Westerman (1790-1864, 4xg gm); and Mary Evans (1827-1899, 3xg gm) born in Amlwch, Anglesea, daughter of Evan Evans (unk, 4xg gf), Millwright.

Michael Hemingway, Labourer from Leeds, is the son of James Hemingway (unk, 5xg gf) and Mary (unk, 5xg gm).


  1. There is a "dummy" cemetery in Soong Ching-ling Memorial Park in Shanghai. It was created by the Chinese government to recreate the foreign cemeteries they destroyed during the cultural revolution. The markers were recreated from broke gravestones found in different parts of Shanghai, and are only a small fraction of the number of graves buried and lost there.

    There are three stones with the same row of four Chinese block characters and different Roman initials. The phonetic translation I found by another is Ke Pa Ti A with (kapatia) written in parenthesis. The initials are H.D.K., M.R.P.K., and P.P.K.

    After reading your entry, it occurred to me that this might be an attempt to write Kapadia in Chinese. Do the three series of initials relate to members of your family?

    1. Belatedly, thank you for sharing this, Rebecca.

      From the work of Claude Markovitz, there was certainly at least one Kapadia trading in Shanghai, so it's certainly possible that the Chinese characters denote Kapadia.

      As you may have gathered from the blog entry (http://stuarttilleygenealogy.blogspot.com/2013/07/barrister-at-law.html), while I can be sure of Ardeshir Rustomji Pestonji Kapadia, the barrister, being my 2x great grandfather, the only family information I have before him is his father's name and occupation. This is given as Rustomji Pestonjee Kapadia, General Broker on the Lincoln's Inn admission register, at which time (1885) Ardeshir was an only son, and as Rustomji Kapadia, Tea Merchant on Ardeshir's marriage certificate (1886).

      The Shanghai connection for the family is speculative at the moment, based only on Markovitz's citing a probate court record with the name Rustomji Pestonji Kapadia. I will certainly keep in mind the initials you have provided.